Who we are

In October 2005 a group of friends came together with a common desire to give something back.

Having shared in the recent success of Ireland’s Tiger economy, there was a collective desire to see how we could combine and utilise our collective talents to help those living in greatest need.

Much discussion and debate ensued.

And then the answer was presented to us. Muhammad Yunus won the Nobel Peace Prize for his work with microcredit. When we went to find out more, we were blown away by the intelligence, simplicity and extraordinary effectiveness of the microcredit model. A system of aid to the worlds poorest where every euro donated to a Microcredit scheme can be recycled indefinitely.

Our mission is to raise funds and awareness for microcredit projects targeting the worlds poorest, empowering them to lift themselves, with dignity, out of extreme poverty.
Of greatest concern to the group was the desire to achieve the absolute maximum return for our efforts. We wanted to know that every cent raised would go straight to the source and suffer the minimum interference from governments and intermediaries.

Now we were on a mission. To seek out the very best practice microcredit projects targeting the worlds poorest and to raise awareness and funds for them, so they can expand their extraordinary work of empowering the poor to lift themselves, with dignity, out of extreme poverty.