Support in Ethiopia

Seachange is delighted to announce its support for a new microcredit project in Ethiopia.

Working with Dulma Clark of Soul of Africa Seachange has agreed to support its Brave Hearts project.

The Soul of Africa and Brave Heart’s primary focus is supporting economic community development and employment as well as support of children and young people and education and training.

Providing women with microcredit to enable them to set up income generating opportunities has shown to have a tremendous impact on women’s health, education, poverty levels and family wellbeing.  Studies have also shown that investing in girls and women helps to prevent the likelihood of early marriage and violence.

Seachange’s latest partner project in Ethiopia Africa proposes to train 42 women guardians of orphans supported by Brave Hearts to generate their own incomes. Most of the guardians are grandparents of the orphaned children, while others are foster parents to the orphaned children and are daily laborers. Income generating activities have shown to be very successful with the chances of families investing in a better life being quite high.

These women will be trained on small-scale business management such as dairy farming, poultry, construction and bakery.  Not only will this have a direct and immediate impact by uplifting these guardians and their families’ quality of life, these methods provide simple and sustainable solutions to livelihoods.

Setota, one of Brave Hearts guardian who is a mother to two children has shown outstanding achievement in her small income generating activity. Setota is the first Brave Hearts beneficiary to receive a Brave Hearts microcredit loan.  Six months after commencing the business, Setota started generating a monthly income that has proven enough to cover her and her children’s living expenses. Their living quality has improved greatly.  Her son Yebeltal’s health has improved significantly recently as Setota has been able to provide him with adequate nutrition to enable his physical growth towards health. Up until now Yebeltal has suffered ill health due to inadequate sanitation and hygiene.  Now with the regular income his mother earns the family has been able to invest in a better quality of life.  Setota’s self esteem has increased significantly and she has become a very confident member of the community.  She now volunteers as a mentor to other guardians who will be starting income generating activity soon due to the extension of a microcredit loan.

  1. Project Objectives

The objective of the project is to contribute in creating sustainable life to orphans, vulnerable children and their guardians. The project aims to help them to become self reliant, and productive economically, socially, mentally and physically competent citizens who can now lead a better life and play a vital role in their country.

  1. 2Project Action Plan

Awareness creation will be prioritized on working towards self-sufficiency and a sustainable life. The microcredit loans will be provided to 42 beneficiaries; they have an obligation to return back the initial loan after a given project period. It is expected that the project will provide numerous benefits with economic empowerment and have a direct and measureable impact on the quality of life, access to education and health services as well as basic necessities such as food and clothing.

In order to assist the guardians to the orphaned children, who have no income and often struggle to provide a meal for the children, the necessary startup capital will be provided to them in the form of a micro-loan.

The project will take 3 years duration on repayment basis starting 3 months after the launch of the program.

The key milestones will be establishment of an Association and getting profits through the provision of microcredit loans to 5 groups of women.

  1. Organisational capacity

 Brave Hearts has human resources personnel with experience in income generating activity.

A female project coordinator at village level will also be recruited. It is intended that she will hold the key position for the success of the activity.. Her job will be full time in the areas of marketing, monitoring the project, and being the main point of contact for the 42 women to benefit from the scheme.  The main objectives for her will be to help women to improve their living conditions and become self-reliant through the implementation of income generating activities.

The successful ,project coordinator will preferably be female and have proven skill and experience on prior successful income generating activity management.

SOA Guardians

Photo: Aron Semeneh

Gete is the guardian to Musa. She is a foster mother and provides a loving home to Musa with the financial support she gets from Brave Hearts and supports her family with income she earns as a day laborer.

Kelmua has biological children and lives beyond the poverty line been enrolled in one of the local government association in self-sufficiency scheme. She is the chairperson of Brave Hearts Organisation (BHO) Income Generating Activity program which has been funded by Microcredit.  She is an excellent participant at BHO guardians meetings and awareness creation sessions, which are held every two weeks. She is now ready to start sale of dairy products to those living in her community.

Photo: Aron Semeneh

Denke is the aunt to Sabi. Sabi is a double orphan. After Sabi lost both her parents when she was about five year old, she then lost her father. Sabi ‘s Aunt Denke brought her to Addis Ababa at the age of 9. Aunt Birke who had no regular income took care of Sabi because there was no other option. With the already crowded orphanage in the country Denke was left to work as a day laborer. Sabi has been in Brave Hearts program since its inception. She is one of the brightest young girls who always try’s her best in everything. Academically Sabi is a high achiever however Denke depends on the support she gets from Brave Hearts and her very small earning as a day laborer to provide for Sabi.  Denke is very keen to start the IGA with the help of a microcredit loan and become independent. She will be starting a small business selling traditional food (baltina).

Photo: Aron Semeneh

Yemariamwork is the grandmother to Berta. Berta is a double orphan. Wubesha has been struggling to put bread on the table for her family. She is in her sixties. She is eager to change her family life. She will also be starting a small business selling local bread with the support of  IGA/Microcredit loan.

Photo: Aron Semeneh

Sitota is the mother to Yebeltal. She is the youngest guardian at BHO. She was referred due to the medical condition of her family   by the local government during the recruitment at BHO enrollment of her son. Sitota is a very hard working lady who is determined to change the life of her family by selling vegetables. She continues selling vegetables on a small and narrow street in her congested community.