Sea Change Foundation Values

  1. Priority for the poorest and for women through effective targeting in recruitment and promotion of self-empowerment, and treating them with dignity and respect regardless of their socio-economic condition, race, disability, enthnicity, religion, age, health or martial status.
  2. Commitment to microfinance realising its potential to be a solution implemented on the scale of the problem of world poverty.
  3. Producing measurable results that demonstrate financial and social performance, commitment to prudent and businesslike practices as a means to achieving the ultimate goal- the elimination of extreme poverty in the shortest possible time frame.
  4. Commitment to transparency and accountability on all levels, andadoption of international standards wherever possible.
  5. Commitment to innovation and to financial, social and environmental sustainability on all levels, especially to the socio-economic sustainability of clients, their families and businesses.
  6. Sound governance, local ownership and management by social entrepreneurs; where possible, participation of clients in ownership and governance.