How you can help

Keep an eye on Johnny’s Progress or joining him on the run

Johnny is a friend of Sea Change and an extraordinary man who is truly making a difference by attempting to complete 50 marathons over 4 years in 7 continents. You like Johnny can also make a difference by supporting him in a number of ways by clicking here

Tell A friend

Please help spread the word about our innovative and vibrant new foundation. Just by mentioning Sea Change around the office or by having a chat at home about the outstanding work that is being done you will be helping to raise the awareness of Sea Change. You can also recommend Sea Change to a friend by clicking here and following the instructions.

Donate Online

You can help to give the poorest people in the world ‘a leg up rather than a hand out’ by donating that will empower women by issuing small loans which allows them to set up small businesses. No matter how big or small your contribution you will make a difference and play your part in ending extreme poverty. Click here to donate online.

Registering As a Friend of Sea Change

By registering your details, will enable us to keep you informed of any upcoming events or of any other Sea Change related news. We promise not to flood your inbox with emails but just to keep you up to date of what we are doing to help end extreme poverty,] and how you can help. We also adhere to a strict privacy policy so there is no need to worry about your information being disclosed to a third party. Click here to register.

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